XVIIth International Workshop on Quantum Atomic and Molecular Tunneling in Solids and other Phases

Hotel Dorint – Blüemlisalp, Beatenberg/Interlaken, Switzerland

http://qamts.ethz.ch/qamts2015/, http://hotel-interlaken.dorint.com/

Sunday 31 May through Wednesday 3 June 2015

Last minute information

Dear Friends, Speakers, Participants,
As there were some questions concerning travel we have updated the travel information with a schedule which is valid during the period 26 May 2015 to 7 June 2015 (see here). The original schedule valid for the one day 30 May 2015 remains also on the website, as this will be the arrival day for most of those arriving at the airports. As you can see, most trains run every day. The regular price for the ticket from airport Zürich to Interlaken West and back is 146.- CHF (second class) and 256.- CHF (first class), for the two journeys together. One journey is about half of that.

If you stay longer and want to travel by train you can buy the Swiss Travel Pass Flex which can be freely used for unlimited train travel all over Switzerland during three or four days (you can choose the dates during one month). Prices for 3 days are 239 CHF (382 CHF) and for 4 days 286.- (458 CHF), price for second class (first class in parentheses). There are many further special options (see www.sbb.ch).

If you need help with travel or other matters, you can contact Dr. Georg Seyfang, Tel. ++41-44-632 44 24 or mobile  ++41 79 742 31 62 (from Switzerland 044 632 44 24, mobile 079 742 31 62)

Poster boards have a width of 117 cm and a height of 145.5 cm, so your poster should fit into that size (but does not have to fill it completely, of course). Posters can be mounted on Sunday and can remain posted until Wednesday evening.

For projection we will have an IBM Thinkpad available (in connection with Powerpoint and a projector) or you might bring your own laptop. Please make sure to have adapters to fit to the Swiss electricity system in connection with the one of your computer in the latter case.

Slight changes have been applied to the preliminary program, but the speakers and chairman concerned were contacted individually. The large majority of the other times and duties remain unchanged. Please check for your times and duties. Note that the free informal discussion afternoon with possible excursions can be either on Wednesday or on Tuesday depending on weather conditions. The lecture program for these afternoons will be exchanged accordingly. Thus speakers planned for Wednesday afternoon should be also prepared to give their talks on Tuesday afternoon instead of Wednesday. The decision on this will be taken on Monday afternoon at the latest, depending on weather forecast.

Remember the unique nature of this series of workshops. As in the past, the hallmark of QAMTS is the highly cross disciplinary nature, which includes work on tunneling of protons and heavier species in condensed or any other phases and in chemical reactions, transport in condensed phases, rotational tunneling, biological systems, studied by experiment or by theory. Lecture times (40 minutes or 20 minutes) include discussion times and it is customary to leave enough time for discussion.

We thank the Swiss Chemical Society, the Contact group for Research Matters (KGF Basel; BASF SE, F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd., Syngenta International AG, Novartis AG) and the Bunsen Society for Physical Chemistry as well as the Royal Society of Chemistry with PCCP and Taylor and Francis with Molecular Physics for sponsorship and support.

We look forward to welcoming you in Beatenberg.


Executive Committee

Jürgen Eckert, University of South Florida
Beat H. Meier, Frédéric Merkt, Martin Quack, ETH Zurich

Local Committee

Ruth Schüpbach ,Georg Seyfang, Sieghard Albert, Irina Bolotova, Ziqiu Chen, Csaba Fábri, Ľuboš Horný, Urs Hollenstein, ETH Zurich

1st Announcement (pdf) - 2nd Announcement (pdf) - 3rd Announcement (pdf) - Last Minute Information (pdf)